Our Brands

Adalbertus is our relentless struggle for perfection. It is a brand of shirts cut out for the modern man, designed for those who like looking good regardless of the circumstances.

Comfort, elegance, and class buttoned up – these are our business and casual shirts. They are made with the ultimate tailor diligence from materials conforming to the highest global standards. Adalbertus is a brand for a modern gentleman.

Laterano is the essence of priesthood, beauty, and devotion. Our clerical shirts are appreciated by the clergy all over the world. They are made with the utmost attention to every detail and from the best-quality fabrics.

Elegant and exceptionally convenient, they provide comfort during long hours of everyday minister duties. Available in a broad palette of cuts and colours for priests and clergypersons. Laterano is a perfect attribute of a modern cleric.

Polanex delivers to private businesses and public institutions, providing comprehensive clothing and corporate apparel, including shirts, trousers, overalls, emblems, and other accessories. In addition, we have successfully clothed Polish uniformed services and transport, hotel, corporate, and other personnel.

Polanex is also our traditional brand of dress and clerical shirts that offer perfect workmanship for a reasonable price.